Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Outback

IMG_7564 copy
pretty birds, pretty birds
IMG_7597 copy
camels are like horses here...
IMG_7642 copy
baby kangaroos
IMG_7413 copy
uluru changing colors at sunset
IMG_7440 copy
IMG_7495 copy
early morning narcissism
IMG_7543 copy
IMG_7272 copy
the olgas
IMG_7365 copy
uluru cave drawings
IMG_7393 copy
IMG_7405 copy
uluru at sunset

The Red Centre, part 1

IMG_7003 copy
flying to alice
IMG_7052 copy
kings canyon
IMG_7213 copy
the milky way
IMG_7231 copy
IMG_7238 copy
kata tjuta

The Great Ocean Road

IMG_6876 copy
IMG_6945 copy
IMG_6990 copy

Melbourne, part 2

IMG_6167 copy
Copy+of+IMG_6479 copy
cpsmd2 copy
IMG_5934 copy
Copy+of+IMG_6508 copy

Monday, May 12, 2008

Melbourne, part 1

Copy+of+IMG_6219 copy
malteasers over melbourne
Copy+of+IMG_6246 copy
Copy+of+IMG_6278 copy
theatre school @ vicky arts college
Copy+of+IMG_6380 copy


IMG_5657 copy
IMG_5646 copy
IMG_5682 copy
IMG_5690 copy
IMG_5702 copy

Monday, April 28, 2008

via Christchurch

IMG_5434 copy

Te Anau and the drive to Queenstown

IMG_5292 copy
eva spilt coffee on her crotch. roman the protector.
IMG_5295 copy
IMG_5331B copy
my funky bluebird sign :)

Milford Sound

IMG_5178b copy
IMG_5196 copy
IMG_5250 copy
IMG_5135 copy
IMG_5193 copy

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Southern Scenic Route

IMG_4958 copy
Slope Point
IMG_4964 copy
IMG_5045 copy
IMG_5033 copy
IMG_4873 copy
head stands @ Porpoise Bay
IMG_4894 copy
Curio Bay
IMG_4919 copy
Slope Point views...
IMG_4956 copy
southern most point of south island
IMG_4821 copy
Porpoise Bay
IMG_4826 copy
pretty seaweed